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Access card
A credit-card-sized plastic card included with each satellite receiver that card identifies each individual receiver and provides pay per view billing information each month to the satellite TV service.
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The side to side (horizontal) adjustment of a satellite dish from true north to the DBS satellite measured in degrees.
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The range of frequencies over which a satellite system is allocated to function.
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Coax Cable
Coax or coaxial cable, the standard round cable tat carries the signal from the dist to the satellite receiver and then to the TV or VCR.
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Direct Broadcast Satellite - The signal frequency range (11.70-12.40ghz) intended for broadcast of satellite TV programming.
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Digital Compression
A process of using a digital code to translate video images so that they use less transmission space than the original video image.
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Digital Satellite System, sometimes used to refer to DirecTV satellite service.
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Direct to home, the term used by the Federal Communications Commission to refer to the satellite television and broadcasting companies.
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Dual LNB
A dual LNB has two coax connections allowing you to operate multiple receivers.
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Echostar is the company that owns and operates DISH Network.
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The upward tilt to a satellite dish antenna (measured in degrees) that is required to aim and receive transmissions from the communications satellite.
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Electronic Program Guide - A listing of all satellite television programming covering a time period (typically 36 hours or more). This EPG is displayed on your TV screen.
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MPEG2 is a video compression method used to compress satellite broadcast signals.
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Orbital Slots
Refers to the position of satellites around the globe.
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Parental Lock
A feature used to allow subscribers to set a password to control access to programming based on channel, rating or content.
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Pay Per View - A program or event that is available for one-time purchase or subscription. This could include a movie, special event, sporting event, or an adult program.
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Personnel Video Recorder. Satellite systems provided by DirecTV and DISH network come equipped with PVR’s to all subscribers to record up to 35 hours of programming to a hard drive.
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Rain fade
The occasional loss of signal from the satellite to the dish as a result during a heavy rain.
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Solar Outage
Solar outages occur when the sun passes between the satellite and the satellite dish. The outages last only for a few minutes and occur only a few days of the year.
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A satellite component that receives, modulates, amplifies, and retransmits a signal from the original satellite source to subscribers.
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