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Author: Gary Gresham

If you haven't discovered Sirius satellite radio yet get ready for a nice surprise. Sirius is changing the way the world listens to music.

Every second of the day, Sirius satellite radio is shooting over 120 channels of amazing radio straight into the heavens to their three state-of-the-art satellites that rotate in figure eight, geo-synchronous orbits around the earth.

Sirius uses statistical multiplexing technology which means it provides more bandwidth across the full spectrum of Sirius satellite radio streams. The bottom line is better overall sound quality and superior sound resolution.

It all starts at their studios in NYC's Rockefeller Center. On any given day as musicians stop by for live interviews and performances, on-air hosts are hard at work taking satellite radio to the next level.

Sirius satellite radio offers a diverse lineup of radio, music and sports legends spinning music they love. The lineup includes Eminem, David Johansen, Grandmaster Flash, Tony Hawk, Vin Scelsa, Liquid Todd, MC Lyte, Kelly Slater, Meg Griffin and many more.

The best part of Sirius satellite radio service is no commercials. None. That means 65 channels of music, plus you get more than 50 channels of great sports, news and entertainment programming, much of it exclusive to Sirius.

Sports lovers might want to listen close to this. Live play-by-play coverage of every single NFL game and the only 24/7-radio channel dedicated to all-things-NFL, all year long. And it's all included with your regular Sirius radio subscription: no extra charges, fees or packages. That's the best value available for any sports fan.

NFL Radio is the only 24/7-radio channel of its kind and is a Sirius original. Want NFL credibility? Start with show hosts Dan Reeves, Cris Carter, John Riggins and Shannon Sharpe. Sirius also offers a full spectrum of original talk programming. Two NPR channels: NPR Now and NPR Talk.

The Plug & Play Sirius satellite radio modules come with optional home and car kits for use at home, in your office, in a truck, boat or car. No matter where you are, you?re connected.

Home units connect directly to your home entertainment system. These sleek units contain features such as song/artist title memory, 4 preset banks with text input and optical digital audio output. All 120 channels of Sirius satellite radio is available throughout the continental US with crisp digital-quality sound. Every single channel is included in your Sirius subscription. This keeps you connected to the music and entertainment you love, no matter where you are.

You have a choice of subscription plans that offer long-term savings, a yearly plan at a lower price and month-to-month plans starting at only $12.95 per month.

You just can't find this kind of value or this kind of radio on any other dial. Get geared up for the future of music with Sirius satellite radio.

About the author: Gary Gresham is the webmaster for Discover this amazing, digital-quality, radio for yourself at

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