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Digital Video Recorders

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article Benefits of DVR Players
Author: Randy McClure A DVR player's best benefit is enabling people to have more control over their day-to-day schedules. A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allows you to record video in digital format on the DVR's hard drive. A DVR is a...

  1-26-2005    Views: 6478   
article Digital Video Recorders - How DVR Works
Have you been thinking about getting a digital video recorder (DVR) but not sure just how the system works? Maybe you think this technology is changing too rapidly and it's not worth buying - maybe you think DVRs will become the next 9-track...

  1-26-2005    Views: 12201   
article Recording Your Favorite Shows from Satellite TV
Wouldn't it be great if you could automatically record your favorite shows without having to worry about setting up the VCR? What if you could easily skip from recorded show to recorded show without the tedious rewinding and forwarding of tapes?...

(No rating)  1-26-2005    Views: 3685   
article Satellite TV - Digital Video Recorders - Brand Comparison
Digital video recorders (DVRs) really enhance the TV watching experience. By giving consumers options to record several shows at once, pause during live viewings, programming favorites for recording, etc. If you are contemplating purchasing...

  1-26-2005    Views: 8311   

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