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Direct TV & Dish Network

General Articles on the Direct TV and Dish Network Satellite TV providers.

article DirecTV - History of DirecTV
DirecTV was one of the first direct broadcast satellite (DBS) companies to begin satellite broadcasts in the United States. DirecTV was launched in 1994 and was the premiere DBS provider in the world. DirecTV Group is a subsidary of New...

  1-26-2005    Views: 9293   
article DISH Network Programming - Package Comparison
DISH Network has positioned their satellite service as the lower cost alternative to satellite TV. With a fierce competition between DISH Network and DirecTV, DISH Network became creative about attracting new customers to the slowly blooming...

  1-26-2005    Views: 13794   
article Satellite TV - DISH Network Company History
The DISH Network is the primary competitor of DirecTV in the United States for the direct broadcast satellite (DBS) services. DISH Network began in March of 1996 and is currently owned by Echostar. DISH Network's customer base has grown...

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