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General Information on Satellite TV, birth, evolution

article Digital Cable VS Satellite TV
Do you want to get more channels while saving money but not sure if you should go with digital cable or satellite TV? Then this article is meant directly for you! The commercials seen on TV and the ad’s displayed all over the internet can be...

  6-30-2005    Views: 14184   
article Evolution of Satellite Television.
Remember the satellite dinosaurs -- the huge dishes that cost thousands of dollars and took up valuable yard space? Its amazing that satellite TV has evolved from the huge eyesore to the small, almost indiscernible disk. Like most...

  1-26-2005    Views: 4343   
article Looking For Satellite TV?
Author: Gary Gresham It was 1994 and I had moved into another home and learned that the cable TV line had not been installed to my house. When the cable company told me they would have to dig up my yard to put the line in I wasn't pleased...

(No rating)  1-26-2005    Views: 4012   
article Satellite Cards - The Essential Component of Satellite TV
Ever wonder what it is that makes your satellite TV system know which channel you want? Have you ever watched a Pay-per-view movie and wondered 'how do they know what I watched and how to bill me?' Satellite TV systems include a satellite...

(No rating)  1-26-2005    Views: 7274   
article Satellite TV - Compression of Broadcast Signals
Satellite TV offers subscribers literally hundreds of channels to choose from. In fact, it's satellite TV's diversity and scope that makes its service so appealing to subscribers. But it's difficult not to be a little fascinated by satellite TV...

  1-26-2005    Views: 5690   
article Satellite TV - How Weather Conditions Affect Reception
Cable companies love to spread tales of how intermittent satellite TV reception can be. They assure customers that the slightest change in the weather is going to cause substantial problems with signal reception, either degrading the signal or...

  1-26-2005    Views: 7228   
article Satellite TV - The Birth of Satellite TV
Few people realize the birth of satellite TV began with the space race of the 1950's and 60's. On October 4, 1957, the Russian's put the first satellite, Sputnik, into orbit. The United States quickly responded with a launch of a satellite on...

(No rating)  1-26-2005    Views: 5566   
article Satellite TV - The Choice for International Programming
Satellite TV doesn't just offer standard American programming with translations into international languages. Instead, satellite TV offers original programming native to the broadcast country. As such, the television programs honor and respect...

  1-26-2005    Views: 4809   
Your family may be amazed to learn that television is one of the main causes of domestic disputes in America. Either the husband is so captivated by a sports program that induces the wife to harass him about household projects, or the wife is so...

(No rating)  6-30-2005    Views: 5891   
article Satellite TV Cards - The Myth of 'Free' Satellite TV
Remember the first days of cable TV and the scams of people selling 'decoder' boxes? Now we are revisiting those days with individuals offering satellite cards that supposedly make satellite service 'free' to users. The satellite card allows a...

(No rating)  1-26-2005    Views: 8013   
article TracVision - Taking Your Satellite TV On the Road
Remember the annual family vacation? You all piled into the family vehicle for the long trek to the national parks, the Grand Canyon, or to visit relatives or to attend family reunions. Chances are the car had just barely pulled out of the...

(No rating)  1-26-2005    Views: 2685   
article Why Satellite TV is better than Cable TV
Satellite TV is Making the Cable Companies Run ScaredSatellite TV holds a great advantage over the cable TV companies. Not only is the picture and sound quality superior, but there’s more choice in what to watch. If you said to yourself...

  6-30-2005    Views: 13304   

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