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Satellite TV - VOOM Satellite History

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VOOM is a fairly recent entry into the direct broadcast satellite (DBS) TV market. VOOM, a subsidary of Cablevision, services customers in the United States. VOOM promotes itself as one of the few satellite service companies devoted to providing customers with High Definition TV program options. VOOM advertises that their company is the leader in HDTV with the largest channel selection among satellite providers.

VOOM offers a selection of more than 35 HDTV channels to users across the continental United States. There are curently over 20 channels that broadcast commercial free on the VOOM satellite service. Channel offerings include movies, sports, music and more.

VOOM began broadcasting in 2003 with the deployment of the Lockheed Martin communications satellite, Rainbow-1. The network offers satellite streaming in both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video formats.

For customers that are interested in primarily HDTV, VOOM is one of the primary services. VOOM's other network selections cannot compete with DirecTV or DISH Network in terms of sheer variety of programming. While VOOM offers an excellent value for HDTV, they are not the most competitive service in terms of mere price points. In fact, VOOM's service tends to run at least 20% above the competitions subscription rates.

VOOM's plans are to continue to grow. Voom recently announced plans to acquire more HDTV programming options over the next year, bringing the total HDTV programming up to 70 channels. They also plan to add nearly 200 standard definition programs. VOOM will utilize an additonal satellite, known as Rainbow-2.

The satellite TV market is fiercly competitive. There are several services available to consumers depending on their interests and needs.

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