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Cable TV vs Satellite TV

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Perhaps you've been thinking about changing your TV service, but just aren't sure what option is best. Making the right decision is all about evaluating your needs and choosing the service that best meets those needs.

Satellite TV offers customers remarkable service over traditional cable. Some of the features you will get with a satellite service are:

Variety of Channel Selection - Satellite TV offers consumers literally hundreds of channel options. Of course the old stand-bys are available such as CNN, ESPN, TBS, but there is also a number of channels available for those with special interests. Satellite TV options include such unique challenges as Discovery Wings, Love Stories, Fashion and Lifestyle channels, etc.

Sports Channels - As mentioned above, Satellite TV offers diversity in programming, but sports is an exceptionally unique component of Satellite TV. There are a variety of sports channels - the standard ESPN, ESPN2, but also channels like the NFL Channel, the Golf Network, and College Sports Channel.

International Programming - The world is an incredibly diverse place. Even TV has to offer diversity in programming. Satellite TV offers many foreign language channels including: Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian and Chinese and many others. Some foreign language channels come with the standard satellite package, some require a dish to be aimed at a separate foreign language satellite.

Picture Quality - Even though satellite TV offers a great many benefits, the one that continually attracts customers is the digital signal. The clear, crisp quality of a digital signal is so superior to standard TV that you'll never want to watch cable again. And for people with the newest TV's, many of the satellite TV channels are broadcast in high definition TV (HDTV). This high definition is incredibly clear; it's almost like being there live.

Local Channels - Many people assume that if they have satellite TV programming they won't be able to receive the regular local programming. This just simply isn't true. Almost all satellite TV packages include local programming at no cost.

Competitive Pricing - If variety and superior quality don't convince you of the wisdom of satellite TV, consider one of the most important things - the price tag. Cable prices continue to skyrocket. Sure, sometimes the cable companies offer customers discounted rates for a four month or six month promotional period, but as soon as the promotions up, so are the prices. Satellite TV frequently offers free installation and service, the customer owns the equipment outright, and the monthly service fee is reasonable and fixed for a contract period.

Satellite TV offers customers unparalleled value for their money: great service, quality digital programming, a wide variety of channels, and a true global experience.

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