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Satellite Internet Providers - How the Service Providers Compare

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There are only a few satellite Internet providers - unlike most standard Internet services. Perhaps it's the high cost of satellite start-up, but the field has been limited to just a few excellent service providers.

Satellite Internet service requires the user to buy a satellite dish for Internet service. The user cannot use a preexisting satellite dish unless they purchase a dish adaptor to also accommodate Internet service. Most satellite services require a minimum time contract period with a fee for early termination.

Let's review the two most prominent satellite Internet providers and the services that they offer.

DirecWay - DirecWay is the satellite Internet provider partnered with DirecTV service. DirecWay makes use of DirecTV's Hughes satellite. With DirecWay, there is no software to install on the computer, fast access, and secure sites. DirecWay is great for linking multiple computers together in a network. DirecWay requires a separate satellite dish from DirecTV. Even though they are sister companies, DirecTV and DirecWay maintain separate billing centers. DirecWay's cost starts at $69.99 per month, with additional fees for professional services. DirecWay offers the standard home program with five email addresses.

StarBand - StarBand, owned by StarBand Communications, is the leader in satellite Internet services. StarBand launched service in 2000. Originally only a one-way satellite option (users were required to maintain a dial-up modem for up-way data transmission) StarBand quickly updated services to include two-way service. StarBand's service starts at $69.99.

Satellite Internet still has a few bugs to work out, but most consumers find that the incredible speed offered by satellite service far out ways any of the potential problems. As more and more customers opt for satellite Internet services, the systems are smoothing out and the service is getting better and better. For unparalleled speed, Satellite Internet is the way to go.

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