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TiVo - The Gold Standard in the DVR Market

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Anyone considering purchasing a DVR has stumbled across the name TiVo - or maybe you've heard friends talking about 'TiVo-ing' their favorite shows. If you are curious about what this remarkable little box does, this article will help you.

TiVo is rapidly becoming one of the best know of the Digital Video Recorders (DVR). The name TiVo is a play on several well-known abbreviations: TV and I/O (input/output). TiVo allows users to record favorite programs by time, name and a variety of other parameters.

TiVo offers the following functions standard to their recorders:

  • Recording capabilities: TiVo will record between 35 to 80 hours of digital programming. The specific model will limit the amount of recording time. For instance, the basic model will record up to 35 hours. The DirecTV model will record up to 80 hours of programming. TiVo has recently introduced a DirecTV HDTV model which will record up to 30 hours of HDTV programming or 200 hours of standard digital programming.
  • Remote Functions: Each TiVo comes with a remote - while that may be a standard feature in most electronic equipment, there is nothing standard about the TiVo remote. With a push of the button, you can pause, rewind, use a slow-motion feature and instantly replay your favorite shows, both the shows that are recorded and even the shows you are viewing live.
  • Dual Tuner Function: Some of the TiVo models feature a dual tuner function. This dual tuner allows the TiVo to record two shows at the same time. So, there will be no more fights over which show to watch or record. Of course, to use this function you have to have the model with the built-in Dual Tuner.

TiVo has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates among the DVR manufacturers. Combined with a quality satellite TV service, your options for viewing shows will be endless. Actually satellite TV customers say they enjoy TV watching even more after getting a TiVo - they still have the great service and selection, but now they can watch their favorite shows anytime. A TiVo is a great investment for the home entertainment center.

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